Top 8 most beautiful female footballer in the world

Top 8 most beautiful female footballer in the world

Women's football is indeed less popular than men's football. However, make no mistake, women's football is also interesting to watch. Women's football presents a beautiful and tough game like men's football. They are not only good at processing round skin in the field, but they can also appear elegant and sexy in magazines or on TV shows.

Their beautiful faces and sexy appearances adorn social media pages and television more intensely nowadays. Their beautiful looks and sexy appearance off the field make men's eyes fall on them.

So who is the most beautiful and sexiest female footballer in the world? 

Below is a list of the six sexiest football players at the moment:

1. Gabby George

2. Julini Sally

3. Taylor Jasmine Hinds

4.  Agata Isabella Centasso

5.  Anna Maria Marković

6. Estelle Johnson

7. Alisha Lehmann

8. Michelle Alozie

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